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[ Last modified: Mon Nov 15 2004 +0900 (JST) ]
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Development of JP DNS

JPRS have been making development to enhance the stability of JP DNS services, along with other JP DNS operators.

As a part of the development, which is operated by JPRS did the following changes on February 2004.

Interim measures according to service transition

For the safety and smooth service transition according to IP address transition, DNS response service on the old IP address was continuously provided as well. The objective was to provide compatibility for users who kept using old IP address for JP DNS server because the IP address transition was not reflected immediately.

After the transition, queries to the old IP address was decreased smoothly and almost gone in these days. From this result, we decided the service transition has been finished and terminated the DNS response service on the old IP address.


IP address of old and current is as follows.

old addresscurrent address

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